Micha’s been involved in creative hat making events beginning with the the first annual James McHenry Youth Festival, which he helped organize in 1996 in Hollins Market, Baltimore, MD. That festival ran for seven years and hat making was one of the most popular activities. An expanded hat making activity became very popular at the annual Sowebo Arts & Music Festival - in the same neighborhood - and continues to attract long lines each year. Over the years the hat making has become more and more elaborate, fanciful and extravagant bringing more styles of hats and more visually interesting materials.

In 2011 Micha brought his enthusiasm for hats to Artscape, to merge the festival’s theme park, Alice in Wonderland, to the Baltimore City Department of Social Services mission of attracting folks to become foster parents. The mass crafting activity sponsored by BCDSS and organized by Micha led to hundreds of “Mad Hatter” hats being created by festival goers. 

Organizing the Artscape activity expanded his scope of hat making, increased his ability to work with long lines of children and adults as well as set up work stations and stages for different skill levels and interests. Tattered Hatters is also a regular arts and crafts activity at the annual Hot August Blues festival.

Recently Tattered Hatters came to School of the Cathedral, where fourth graders discovered fantastic possibilities and a great sense of accomplishment. Photos from the school speaks of their creativity. The reward for Micha at this event is the same at all events, the joy of seeing creativity manifested in works of wearable art and the fun that accompanies that process.

Tattered Hatters is very interested in creating the largest hat, the largest hatting festival, the largest hat parade, the largest head for the largest hat and the opportunity to make yours a very happy hatting event!

The hatter, Micha Dannenberg, and his Jester