Frequently Asked


What does it take to put on a hatting event?

We’re pretty flexible - outdoors is OK if there’s protection from rain, wind and sun and if in the evening, there’s plenty of light. Another consideration is electricity for the low temp glue guns. We can provide tables and chairs at an additional expense (most hat makers prefer to stand at they create). For larger events, one month notice is needed to allow time to recruit crafters and order necessary materials. 

What ages do you work with?

We provide an arts and crafts hatting activity that can cover a wide range of ages. We are able to provide hat making activities for even very young children because we provide self-adhesive foam shapes to decorate colorful visors and colored cardboard cones, cylinders or crowns for the younger or less advanced children.

How do I plan a hatting event?

Some pertinent questions we will ask such as: What is the number of participants? Will all the participants participate all at once? Will we be able form in a queue? Or will there be groups of participants? What are the ages of participants? Are there any special accommodations that will need to made, such as an interpreter for the deaf or non-English speakers?

How much time should I allot?

Depending on the level of intricacy that each hat requires and the elaborateness the designer imagination, each hat maker usually requires from 30 to 2 hours to assemble and decorate. Visor decoration can be done very quickly, which is what a lot of parents are pleased to see - especially at a festival where there’s lots to do.

In order to understand your fee structure, can you break it into a per hat cost?

Generally, hats (not visors decorating) run between $10 - $20 each. This fee is based upon the complexity of the design, the number of participants, the number of crafters needed and the numbers of hours of event.

Are you willing to travel out-of-state?

Yes, but the price for each hat would be adjusted accordingly.

Do you use tools that are child-safe?

Primarily we use scissors and low temp glue guns. Many of our hat forms are pre-cut and can be constructed with tape. We often use low temp glue guns, which provide a very quick and easy to way to put fabrics, cardboard and most accessories together. There is a risk of burns from the tips of the glue guns, which have to be hot enough melt the wax stick, and from the melted glue stick itself. Although the low temp glue guns have proven to be very safe, we encourage careful use and that adults supervise their children.

Who do we contact?

You can call, text or email

Micha Dannenberg