Our Hats from the SoWeBo Arts and Music Festival in the Baltimore Sun   2013 - Photo 5     2010 - Photo 16


Cast of Crafters

Nancy Nichols-Jagelka, master crafter and owner, Anthony's Park Mobile Arts Recycle Center

Amanda Almarshould, crafter and MICA student

Kristen Faber, graduate Maryland Institute of Art

Ebony Robinson, graduate, Maryland Institute of art

Diane Margiocta, crafter and Art teacher

Jr. Adams, assistant to the hatter

Jeremy Scott, assistant to the hatter

Micha Dannenberg’s Tattered hatters is a regular performer at Hot August Blues Festival. No they’re not a hot musical group, but they put on a really terrific and popular arts & craft activity. I know many of my most loyal following come with the expectation of hearing great music and coming away with a fantastic hat that they’ve created at the festival. Micha and I have worked together on a number of festivals and I know that when he commits to an event, it’s going to be safe, well-organized and very fun.

I look forward to keeping my audience happy and one safe bet is Tattered Hatters. He is a real part of the festival, and It wouldn't be same without him. I get numerous emails yearly to see if Tattered Hatters are coming back. 

Brad Selko  Director of Hot August Blues and Roots Festival


I am proud to recommend Micha Dannenberg of the Tattered Hatters to you. Micha and his team transformed our classroom into an engaging and productive hat making base where throughout the day over fifty students planned, gathered materials, and created their own personal hats. Students engaged in hands on learning with geometric shapes while creating a variety of cultural, religious, military, and purely fun hats. The team brought a high level of creativity, enthusiasm and inventiveness into our school and I heartily recommend them for your school or organization.

Mark Zawisa, Teacher,

School of the Cathedral of Mary our Queen